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Welcome to CSAGSS! We are a charitable multi-service organisation which works tirelessly to uplift our community from the shackles of hunger, poverty and social disadvantage. We have a three-dimensional approach: ensuring food security, facilitating community engagement and bringing health and wellness. Our vision is to provide a holistic development of individuals, groups and families at large.

Mornelle Fest 2017

Celebrate Your Neighbour

Know Your Neighbours - Celebrate With Neighbours - Respect Your Neighbours

Canadian South Asian Growth and Support Services (CSAGSS) in collaboration with TCHC and The University of Toronto Scarborough is pleased to organize “MORNELLE FEST-2017” to celebrate the multiculturalism of Mornelle Court and Morningside. The event will take place on Friday July 21st, 5 -7 pm at the MORNELLE COMMUNITY HUB, Scarborough, ON, M1E 4P9.

Mornelle Fest-2017 will be a perfect time to come together and appreciate your neighbour. CSAGSS has also partnered with University of Toronto Scarborough's 150 Neighbours Initiative to make this an occasion to celebrate the 150th Canada Day anniversary. We believe that the best way to make this happen is by encouraging people to connect with those who live in their neighbourhood and to know the services available in the Mornelle Hub. Other various partner agencies serving the community will also be a significant part of this event.

We invite all the community members to join us in the celebration!

Click here to view the Mornelle Fest celebration details.

Click here to view the Mornelle Fest Flyer.

Ensuring Food Security

One of our core activities is to ensure food security so that nobody goes to bed hungry. At CSAGSS, we emulate the value of sharing our food with our neighbours.

Community Engagement

One of the reasons why our community engagement programs are such a hit is because of our multi-cultural, multi-ethnic community. And CSAGSS serves as the melting pot!

Health And Wellness

A healthy body harbours a healthy and positive mind. CSAGSS strives to keep all the residents of its community, from kids to seniors, fit and active.