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CSAGSS administrative holidays:

  • 25th to 28th December, 2017
  • 31st December, 2017
  • 1st to 3rd January, 2018

Food Pantry @ Morningside:

We are open on 24th and 30th December, 2017. We will remain closed on January 6th, 2018.

Welcome to CSAGSS' official website!

We are a multi-service organization which aims to lift our community out of the shackles of hunger and poverty. We have a three-pronged approach: improving food security, engaging the community and improving health and wellness.


Food Security

We strive to make our community hunger-free. Find out more about the Food Pantry @ Morningside

Community Engagement

Our community is a melting pot of cultures and colours. We love to celebrate and bring together our community whenever we can!

Health & Wellness

We believe that a healthy body harbors a healthy mind, and vice versa. We are actively involved in improving the health and wellness of our community.