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Are you interested in serving a colourful and vibrant community?

Organise An Event

Another great way to contribute is to organise a charitable event like a food drive or a fundraiser!

Welcome to CSAGSS! We are a charitable multi-service organisation which works tirelessly to uplift our community from the shackles of hunger, poverty and social disadvantage. We have a three-dimensional approach: ensuring food security, facilitating community engagement and bringing health and wellness. Our vision is to provide a holistic development of individuals, groups and families at large.

Ensuring Food Security

One of our core activities is to ensure food security so that nobody goes to bed hungry. At CSAGSS, we emulate the value of sharing our food with our neighbours.

Community Engagement

One of the reasons why our community engagement programs are such a hit is because of our multi-cultural, multi-ethnic community. And CSAGSS serves as the melting pot!

Health And Wellness

A healthy body harbours a healthy and positive mind. CSAGSS strives to keep all the residents of its community, from kids to seniors, fit and active.