Our work is categorized as per the below programs

Community Engagement

CSAGSS believes in bringing Participants to engage in a meaningful way. We bring citizens closer together to engage meaningfully in their communities.

Food Bank

A Weekly Program For Individuals & Families Facing Food Insecurity To Receive Nutritious Food. The family members facing food-insecurity are exposed to poverty and more likely struggle with psychological and behavioral health issues.

Health And Wellness

CSAGSS organizes health-related programs and projects to continue supporting community members to live a healthy and quality life. Some of the programs and projects like Activ8 4 Fitness, Diabetes literacy workshops, chronic pain self-management.

Newcomer And Refugees

The Newcomer Support programs at CSAGSS is a referral program to assist newcomers and Refugees to integrate into Canadian society. We provide referral services. Incorporated into each program are outings into the community at large, guest speakers, and leadership and volunteer opportunities.


We work to support our seniors to minimize their isolation and promote physical and emotional health. Exercise, music and art, outdoor trips and numerous activities are offered. Advocacy, crisis management, non-therapeutic counselling and crisis intervention are available to those in need.


Youth Is The Future Of Our Country.
Addressing the issues and working closely with youth to make them involve in meaningful activities and programs will help to channelize the energy of youth belonging to low income and with marginalized youth from 10 years to 28 years.


Women acts as a catalyst to bring strength, peace and happiness to themselves and their families, communities and nation. . Investing in women, those who are marginalized, contributes to reducing poverty.