Youth is the future of our country

Building A Stronger Foundation For The Young Generation

On any given day in any city, you find various stories on Youth Violence. Whether be bullying, abuse at home, violence or shooting, homicide…the youth of country is impacted by Violent behavior of the peer fellow mates or by society. This affects the society too at large.

Addressing the issues and working closely with youth to make them involve in meaningful activities and programs will help to channelize the energy of youth belonging to low income and with marginalized youth from 10 years to 28 years.

To combat the risk, it is especially important to work with Parents consider their parenting style and trained educators lend support by offering Parenting workshops and thoughtfully designed program for youth to keep them engaged.

Youth Programs

Bully Buster

This program is designed by CSAGSS to save youth from Bully and to bully under the experienced experts. Taking a step towards teaching our kids to deal with bully and create an environment free from bullies in school in Non-Violent way. 

This is an unique step and process to reach to schools and teach students to stand for self and stand against bully by teaching some important tips to children ,to empower, build self- confidence, teaching safety tips, self-defense techniques

Learn With Family & Fun

Workshops are organized for youth and their parents on various topics related to:

Traumatic event and how to heal and deal, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Peer on Pressure, Parental supervision, Mental Illness, and psychological support. Our Initial program revolves around the strategy and the approach to reduce violence.



To promote Family environments supporting healthy development of youth

· Family relationship and skill development for parents and building trust relationship

· Early childhood visitation-My Mentor

Strengthen Youth skills

· Promote hidden talents and skills, exposure to universal school-based or after-school based programs



It is evident that Youth violence starts early in the lifespan. Physical aggression can be common among toddlers, and most children learn alternatives to using violence to solve problems and express their beliefs and emotions before starting elementary school. Some children, however, continue to be aggressive, and if their problematic behaviors are not addressed their aggression can persist and increase.

The other factors which lead to violent behavior other than early physical aggression are poor emotional control and weak social and problem-solving skills etc.

Investing in Youth

It is a program designed by CSAGSS, run by youth-for youths to protect them against violence; merely to keep them engaged, based on the artistic, creative, and film sector. Youth is involved in CREATIVE ART FORM, Documentary, and creative digital platform and behind the scenes of a film set and showcasing their interest and talents in a particular role for a short film/ documentary and collaborating with other youths and professional filmmakers together. Our aim is to empower youth and bring them forward and keep them engaged meaningfully.

Summer Buzz

With the approaching summer, Annually, children from Mornelle Court /Morning side and all Scarborough community from Newcomers and immigrant families are invited to participate in the Summer buzz Literacy program at Mornelle Hub and Victoria Park Hub. This literacy program included all four skills -Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing activities along with various fun-filled activities throughout weeks

The success story of Sara (From Summer Buzz)

Sara Mathew, enjoying each session! It was just two months back when Sara landed with her parents from India, she had no friends to play with. CSAGSS offered this unique program, which helped in the development of Self-confidence in Sara to speak and understand English, before she starts her kindergarten in September 2015.

Talent Show: Mornelle Has Talent

This is a Local Champion project organized to find hidden talents from Mornelle /Morning side. Children and Youth under18 can participate in the talent show. As per World Health Organization (WHO), worldwide around 200,000 homicides occur among youth between age of 10years to 29 years, which is a total of 43 %. Some risk factors like attention deficit, hyperactivity, behavioral disorder or early involvement with drug, alcohol, or tobacco along with a low commitment to the school and school failure lead to violence in youth.

This is a program that is just a step to identify the talent of the youth, involve them in creative activities, and acknowledge their talent. Also introducing life skills and social development programs like organizing competitions such as debate, Science exhibition, singing, dance, and drawing competition, etc. are components of this program.

Glimpses of our work