newcomer and refugees

Newcomers Support Program

The Newcomer Support programs at CSAGSS is a referral program to assist newcomers and Refugees to integrate into Canadian society. We provide referral services. Various activity-based programs are offered that include Sewing Club for women English conversation, computer training, how to navigate Canadian systems, and the promotion of health and wellness. Incorporated into each program are outings into the community at large, guest speakers, and leadership and volunteer opportunities.

Refugee Women Project

Beginners Computer and Keyboarding
This basic computer class helps newcomers to learn how to use a computer, including familiarizing them with Microsoft Word and Internet use, and learning and improving keyboarding skills.

Friend Circle

Conversation Classes For Newcomers

The Fried Circle is a thoughtfully formed program for Conversation classes for Newcomers, especially Syrian family where the mothers are invited weekly once with their children and taught to have a conversation, provides a safe, encouraging environment in which to have fun while practicing English language skills through playing word games and physical activities.

Parenting tips are provided. It is an opportunity for newcomers to understand English speaking concepts and idioms, helping to increase English vocabulary and to identify and practice diction for speech clarity. Clients benefit in many ways, including being creative through storytelling and writing poetry; obtaining knowledge and understanding about employment in Canada; finding out information about Ontario Health Care and Canadian politics; learning customer service skills, and much more.

Free Settlement Services

We offer a wide variety of  free settlement services and provide referral programs and in collaboration with settlement organizations as follows:

It is a comprehensive weekly program for seniors focusing on the holistic wellbeing of seniors comprising of 4 components- Active and Healthy series consisting of low impact exercises, Soup – Salad and Social series breaking their social isolation, culturally relevant healthy eating habits and knowledge sharing series comprising of Workshops and information sharing series.

CSAGSS care for the seniors and to keep them active and informed regular exercise is conducted weekly at Victoria Park Hub locations.

Assistance Filling Forms / Applying for Benefits (SIN, PRC, CCTB, OHIP…)

Assistance Finding Housing (rentals and applying for subsidized housing)

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