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Seniors Hold A Special Place In The Community

For the Community and of the Community

As time flies off, person starts aging and they tend to lose and shed friends and families which is heart breaking leading to mental and physical stress. To support seniors and their well-being, CSAGSS have been working to serve seniors.

To fill in the gaps and the problems faced by seniors, CSAGSS have enhanced programs for seniors like Active Living, Nutritious food workshops, Gardening, field trips and exercise programs.

Community care and support are provided to our frail seniors through recreational activities. We work to support our seniors to minimize their isolation and promote physical and emotional health. Exercise, music and art, outdoor trips and numerous activities are offered. 

Advocacy, crisis management, non-therapeutic counselling and crisis intervention are available to those in need.

It is a comprehensive weekly program for seniors focusing on the holistic wellbeing of seniors comprising of 4 components- Active and Healthy series consisting of low impact exercises, Soup – Salad and Social series breaking their social isolation, culturally relevant healthy eating habits and knowledge sharing series comprising of Workshops and information sharing series.

CSAGSS care for the seniors and to keep them active and informed regular exercise is conducted weekly at Victoria Park Hub locations.

ALL-TIME WINNER: As a proud receiver of funding and financial support from Ministry of seniors affairs, CSAGSS served seniors to advance the goals of the ‘All-time Winner-My big Mentor’ with a singular focus on promoting the physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being of seniors

ALL-TIME WINNER is a project an intergenerational “Digital storytelling” project formed for innovative learning initiative which supported the goal of empowering seniors helping them to break the cycle of isolation. This project helped expression and portrayed people’s life story and as a result each senior felt empowered and active, thus reducing the health and mental risk factors. This project is an intergenerational project bringing youth and seniors together


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