Community engagement

Engaging With The Community in A Meaningful Way

Bridging the gaps in the way we interact

CSAGSS believes in bringing Participants to engage in a meaningful way. We uniquely positioned to act as a bridge to bring the community closer and engage to work and learn together and together generate solutions and tackle community issues. We bring citizens closer together to engage meaningfully in their communities.

Community Spring Walk

Annually, a Community Spring Walk and Barbecue is organized to acknowledge the onset of summer with all its natural beauty and warmth. Each year more than 25 families participate in the walk. It is an opportunity for community members to get to know the ravine and their beauty as well as celebrate the onset of spring

Day Summer Camp

CSAGSS organizes Summer Camp every year for children ages 4-13 years. The day schedule included creative activities for showcasing kids’ talents in fashion, skits, drama, singing and dancing. The summer camp also included a bonding and interaction event wherein parents/guardians of the kids participated in a fun-filled culinary activity and preparing a multicultural lunch followed by show from Moms. The summer camp provided an opportunity for the kids and their parents to share an enjoyable environment enriched with creative activities, fun and exposure to a variety of life experiences.

Mornelle Fest – Know Your Neighbors

This is annual Fest program we celebrate with Community members in Summer. This event is the perfect time to know the neighbors and bring them out. It is celebrated to mark the unity of Mornelle Court and depict this community is so colorful and vibrant. Know your neighbor fest is a celebration full of fun and activities.

Community Speak Forum

CSAGSS organizes annually community speak forum and lets community members and neighbors come together and join solve community issues or share their experiences and strengthen the community. The social meeting and community dinner are organized annually.

Glimpses of our work